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Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Wordtrade is a national review of recently published books, audiobooks, interactive media, and online text services.

Company History

Wordtrade began as a print newsletter for bookstores and libraries. As information has become increasingly electronic Wordtrade ceased print subscription services and has become an open source for new information about recent books, specializing in religion, science and philosophy titles but also covering select titles of general interest.


Paul Nagy is Managing Editor. He brings well over twenty-five years of experience as a book reviewer and twenty years experience as a bookseller and marketer of new books. Paul has an M.Div. degree, and a spiritual friendship practice that enkindles a keen interest in religious studies and philosophy. Email

Gilbert Hershey is review editor. He has worked in marketing for nearly twenty-five years.
Gil has a general appetite for all things in print and is a constant reader. He loves a good mystery and enjoys the continuous whirl of literary discovery this job entails. Email

Janet Lentz attempts to keep the front office going and keep the books straight. Email

Most of our reviews are anonymous, but our reviewers are not. They include many people from across the country who have a keen interest in some subject and want their opinions to count. We are always interested in potential reviewers. Send us a sample review and résumé.

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Reviewing Policy:

We are concentrating upon getting our philosophy and religion sections on line. We have also revamped our editorial policies. If we deem a book a serious work of scholarship or just a good read, we will feature it  on both its subject page for a permanent post and temporarily on our new list pages. If you find a review of a title you will want to link to again it is best to link to our permanent theme pages.

Our reviews rely upon the content of the book to tell you what the book is about. We reproduce summary excerpts from some titles so you may get a feel for the author's style and the contents of the book. We do make editorial revisions and deletions that are not noted in our copy. After all our reviews are meant to attract readers to the volume and are not meant to substitute for reading the volume. We also rely upon publicity write-ups, but try to tone down the blanket superlatives.

We do rely upon reviewers for basic feedback on the titles we suggest. We find it is harder than expected to get timely copy from people but will continue to provide you with solid information about recent titles as soon as possible.

Three levels of reviews:  

  1. Notices are brief description of new titles arranged by subject area.
  2. Reviews are detailed description of book’s contents.
  3. Essays are polemical appraisals of selected titles grouped together. These are signed by contributor.

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Wordtrade adds links to Amazon.com catalogue to facilitate ease of ordering, if you decide to purchase a title you read about on our pages. Yes, it is true, we do receive a small fee if you choose to purchase through Amazon, whereas the other stores we suggest owe us nothing.

We still want you consider buying primarily from your local bookstore. As much as I like to browse the net for new sources of information. I usually do not learn enough about a possible book by just reading about it. I want to look at it to decide if I want to read it myself. If we do not patronize our local independent bookstores, they will not be able to stay open for us to visit. I would miss them terribly. So consider where you spend your precious bucks on books.  

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About WT

Wordtrade.com is an Internet Newsletter of Informational Reviews Professional & Text Books in the Sciences & Academic & Text Books in the Humanities

We have changed our editorial focus from general titles in philosophy & religious studies to technical titles in the humanities and sciences. General and trade titles will appear at SirReadalot.org which is designed for that purpose.

Our reviews are designed to meet the needs of  people who want thorough knowledge about newly published books and media services, especially in the fields of religious studies and philosophy, the humanities and sciences.

Our emphasis is on some comprehensive  descriptions  and some synopses of the content of new titles of quality, providing independent evaluations, when our reviewer's warrant.

We do not sell books or the products we review. We only evaluate them, choosing the best that comes our way.

We are dedicated to discovering excellent published information products and services.

The contents of Wordtrade reviews are often copyrighted by the authors and book publishers. Content unique to Wordtrade is not copyrighted. 

Our Mission

Wordtrade is an independent review agency serving the public, scholars, libraries, and booksellers. Wordtrade is a national review newsletter about recently published books, audiobooks, interactive media, and online text services.