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Cultural Competence In Clinical Psychiatry by Wen-Shing Tseng (American Psychiatric Association) Building on their previous works in clinical areas and in psychotherapy, the editors here take ari entirely new approach to cultural competency. Instead of examining populations of different ethnic groups, this illuminating volume examines cultural issues as applied to virtually every psychiatric service (e.g., inpatient, outpatient, consultation-liaison, pain management, and emergency) and specialty (e.g., child and adolescent, geriatric, addiction, and forensic psychiatry) and to both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. Distinguished contributors bring the issues to life with numerous case vignettes in all chapters.

This practical and innovative guide designed to help mental health care professionals meet the new requirements for cultural competence in clinical work—will find a welcoming audience among students, residents, educators, and clinicians everywhere.

That culture significantly influences the practice of medicine and psy­chiatry is undisputed. In the past, cultural psychiatry has typically been approached by examining populations of different ethnic groups, par­ticularly minority groups. In this book, however, we take an entirely new approach: the examination of cultural issues as applied to the prac­tice of various subfields of psychiatry. No book has yet met this need in a succinct, practical format.

We have previously edited two books that applied the principles of cultural psychiatry to clinical areas rather than specific ethnic groups. The first focused on assessment of psychopathology, and the second focused on psychotherapy. This book extends the direction of cultural psychiatry by addressing its application to various specialty areas within psychiatric practice. Our primary intention with this book is to foster cultural com­petence in specific services that will allow effective treatment of pa­tients from any ethnic group.

As a whole, the book addresses theoretical and conceptual issues, but with emphasis on clinical applications. An introductory chapter presents general issues associated with cultural competence in assess­ing and treating patients. Particular issues relevant to specific services or specialties are covered in detail in the subsequent chapters. These in­clude inpatient, outpatient, consultation-liaison and pain management, and emergency psychiatry. Other specialty areas include child and ad­olescent, geriatric, addiction, and forensic psychiatry. Chapters on psy­chopharmacology and psychotherapy cover these treatment modalities common to many of the subfields of psychiatry. Each chapter includes numerous case vignettes with discussion to provide concrete examples for the reader.

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