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UNDERSTANDING CREATIVITY: The Interplay of Biological,
Psychological and Social Factors by John S. Dacey, Kathleen Lennon ($37.95, hardcover, 320 pages, Jossey-Bass Publishers; ISBN: 0787940321)

The topic of creativity is inherently fascinating, and interest in it is regularly reinvigorated as new findings are uncovered. For all that we know about creativity, much remains to be fully understood, and questions about it abound: What is creativity? Is it one of the factors of intelligence, or is it a separate entity from intelligence? Are we born with a creativity quotient? Can creativity be developed? And, if so, can creativity continue to develop across the life span? Can parents enhance their children’s creativity through conscious effort? Can teachers develop their students’ creativity through focused teaching? Can organizations enhance their employees’ creativity through targeted professional development? Can an individual become more creative through determination and effort? How much does or can the social environment influence creativity?

In UNDERSTANDING CREATIVITY, the authors offer a thorough examination of the three factors, biological, psychological, and social, that contribute to the creative process. In clear and lively language, this compelling book explores a breadth of topics on creativity including: how creative people operate as successful and imaginative problem solvers, the essential role self-control plays in realizing creative potential, and the most current discoveries about how the brain works on the neuronal and chemical levels. Most important, the book presents an innovative model that integrates the biological, psychological, and social elements and reflects the most significant advances in current creativity research.

There is a wealth of information in this important book. Highly useful.

The Authors: John S. Dacey, Ph.D., is professor of developmental psychology in the Department of Counseling, Developmental Psychology, and Research Methods at Boston College. He is the author or co-author of several psychology textbooks on child, adolescent, and life span development.
Kathleen H. Lennon, Ph.D., teaches courses in the psychology of adult development at Framingham State College.

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