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Electromagnetics Explained: A Handbook for Wireless/ RF, EMC, and High-Speed Electronics, Part of the EDN Series for Design Engineers by Ron Schmitt (Newnes) Covers topics using conceptual explanations and over 150 lucid figures, in place of complex mathematics;  Demystifies antennas, waveguides, and transmission line phenomena;  Provides the foundation necessary to thoroughly understand signal integrity issues associated with high-speed digital design;  Includes extensive material on EMC and high-frequency layout; Covers component and circuit parasitic characteristics; Full of practical tips and techniques.
Written for engineers by an engineer, Electromagnetics Explained will teach you everything you need to know about RF/high-speed design and electromagnetic fields. Learn hands-on, practical solutions to EMI/EMC that you can apply immediately to your projects and products. Incorporating practical viewpoints substituted for mathematical theory, this book is accessible to technologists and technicians in addition to engineers, demystifying topics often considered "black magic". Through straight-forward analogies and interesting examples ranging from lightning to electric guitars, the author provides an explanation of electromagnetic fields that is not only practical and informative, but also fascinating and exciting. Even readers with no background in electromagnetics will gain a deep and intuitive knowledge of the subject.

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