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Recommended Book Review Sources

The New Republic online edition offers a small sampling of their in-depth reviews and notices. They offer free online newsletters in three subject areas: politics, books and arts, and cyberspace.

January Magazine is a delightful literary magazine well suited for regular perusal. It does reviews as well as profiles and interviews with authors. It is physically located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

R A L P H: The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities is a lively journal of witty opinion and quizzical views with many assorted book reviews.

Danny Yee's Book Reviews offers about 1200 reviews, well-thought out reviews, the "ramblings of a pathologically eclectic generalist."

The New York Review of Books is battalion of progressive thought.

The New York Times Book Review sets the pace for literary topicality.

Times Literary Supplement sets the bar for literary culture.

Kirkus Reviews has long been a respected, authoritative pre-pub review source within the literary and film industries. Founded in 1933 by Virginia Kirkus (1893-1980), it serves the book and literary trade sector, including libraries, publishers, literary and film agents, film and TV producers and booksellers. Kirkus Reviews is published 24 times annually and reviews, three to four months pre-publication, approximately 5,000 titles per year: fiction, mysteries, science fiction, translations, nonfiction and children's and young adult books. There is now an online newsletter for alerts to featured titles.

Book Stores

Amazon.com is wonderful for its ease of ordering and BookFinder.com makes finding out of print books an ease. If you search and buy directly from one of these dealers, it is usually less expensive.

If you want to search for a title yourself the best place to start is BookFinder. It links many of the USA largest antiquarian bookstores and search services. It will also be a good source for older editions at discount prices. Just type in the information about the book, and it provides information books from ABE, INTERLOC, POWELL'S BOOKS and a few others

For the top three Antiquarian search services for used books in the USA are:

  1. ABE (Advanced Book Exchange)

  2. Interloc

  3. Alibris

If you don't find what you are looking for do not despair, there are professionals who can help you.
For any book, in-or-out-of print try Ventura Pacific Ltd., 1141 Poli Street, Ventura CA 93001 USA

Or Abracadabra Booksearch International: One of the largest and most efficient book search companies in the world. 32 South Broadway, P.O. Box 9324, Denver, Co 80209-1506 Phone USA: 1-800-545-2665 Fax: 303-871-0172
email: abrabks@abrabks.com

Moe's Books: Out-of-print and antiquarian book catalogs in many subject areas including: Photography, Graphics, Design, Art Monographs, Art History, Architecture, Children's Books, Asian, African, and Meso/South American Art, Book Arts, Cooking and Horticulture.

They offer a free booksearch service and are especially good source for scholarly books.

Address: 2476 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California 97404 USA

E-mail: moe@moesbooks.com

Independent Marketing

Not all good books find commercial or academic publishers. We are committed in reviewing those titles in religion and philosophy that are self-published if they meet our criteria for excellence.

New authors will find much to help them find market share in Book Market

Recommended Self-Publishing

Lulu Self-Publishing & bookstore is fast, easy and free and a one stop shop for many media services

  • Publish and sell easily within minutes.
  • No set-up fees. No minimum order.
  • Keep control of the rights.
  • Set your own price.
  • Each product is printed as it is ordered.
  • No excess inventory.

About WT

Wordtrade.com is an Internet Newsletter of Informational Reviews Professional & Text Books in the Sciences & Academic & Text Books in the Humanities

We have changed our editorial focus from general titles in philosophy & religious studies to technical titles in the humanities and sciences.

Many general and trade titles will appear at SirReadalot.org which is designed for that purpose.

Our reviews are designed to meet the needs of  people who want thorough knowledge about newly published books and media services, especially in the fields of religious studies and philosophy, the humanities and sciences.

Our emphasis is on some comprehensive  descriptions  and some synopses of the content of new titles of quality, providing independent evaluations, when our reviewer's warrant.

We do not sell books or the products we review. We only evaluate them, choosing the best that comes our way.

We are dedicated to discovering excellent published information products and services.

The contents of Wordtrade reviews are often copyrighted by the authors and book publishers. Content unique to Wordtrade is not copyrighted. 

Our Mission

Wordtrade is an independent review agency serving the public, scholars, libraries, and booksellers. Wordtrade is a national review newsletter about recently published books, audiobooks, interactive media, and online text services.