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Regional Geography

see Geography, Physical Geography, Human Geography

Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts , 10 Edition (0471314242) by Peter O. Muller, Harm J. de Blij (Wiley) First published in 1971, this new ninth edition reaffirms a reputation earned through eighth editions as the most authoritative, accurate, and complete world regional geography book available! With its outstanding visual presentation comprised of unmatched cartography (including chapter-opening maps by Rand-McNally and author-sketched, computer-rendered thematic maps), and "From the Field Notes" that caption many of the photographs, this book provides a true-to-life geographic perspective based on the authors' extensive field experience in every area they discuss. This edition has been substantially updated to reflect current happenings around the globe and looks forward to the 21st century. 

Latin America and the Caribbean:  A Systematic and Regional Survey, 4th Edition edited by Brian W. Blouet, Olwyn M. Blouet 4e (047139016X) (Wiley) This well established text provides both a thematic as well as regional look at Latin America and the Caribbean. The thematic approach surveys the physical environment, historical geography, demography, agriculture, communications, industry, urban and political aspects of Latin America. The regional approach covers chapters on Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Andean America, Brazil and the Southern Cone, which have all been revised in the fourth edition, as well as the inclusion of a new chapter on Brazilian Amazonia.

 Dragons and Tigers: Geography of South, East and Southeast Asia 1st edition by Barbara A. Weightman (0471253588) (Wiley) explores conditions, events, problems and trends of the Asian region and its individual nations. Using a cross disciplinary approach, the author discusses evolving physical and cultural landscapes. Nature-society relations will provide the foundation for social, economic, political and environmental problems. [Review pending]

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