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Tourism: An Introduction by Adrian Franklin (Sage Publications) Tourism is a matchless guide to understanding the theory, practice, development and affects of tourism. Written by Adrian Franklin, Professor in the School of Policy Studies , University of Bristol , an original thinker and lively writer, Tourism charts the moving edge of a field that is racing to keep up with its transforming object. Responding to changes in the nature of tourism itself, Franklin redefines the very subject of tourist studies and demonstrates the value of embodies and performative approaches to tourism as a feature of everyday life.

The book equips students with a critical perspective of the central processes of tourism and the relationship between tourism and culture, and it places tourism at the heart of modern life rather that as a peripheral activity. It illuminates the relationship between tourism and nation formation, citizenship, consumerism and globalization, and it reveals the ritual, performance, and embodied dimensions of the tourist experience.

The sections of the book include:

  • Part One: Questions and Scope – What is tourism?, The foundations and traces of modern tourism and Elaborations of tourism.
  • Part Two: Objects and Rituals – Tourist objects, tourist rituals, Objects and rituals of seaside, Obkects and rituals of heritage.
  • Part Three: The Embodies Tourist – Tourisms of body and nature, Sex and tourism.

Mike Crang of the University of Durham , Department of Geography says, “This is a rare book…that addresses a host of contemporary issues in a critical and theoretically informed manner… It reveals how tourism is infused into contemporary society, through norms, objects and experiences that permeate western culture. It blends a wide coverage of classic approaches to tourism with renewed and challenging interpretations to offer novel approaches and insights.”

By withstanding the traditional approach to tourism as an add-on activity of contemporary life and treating it as a major cultural phenomenon, Franklin has written a landmark work. Representing the best new work in the study of contemporary culture, Tourism is essential reading.

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