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Media Law

The Law of Public Communication, Sixth Edition by Kent R. Middleton (Pearson Allyn & Bacon) The Sixth Edition of this top-selling media law text includes the most current information available, explaining the law as it applies to the daily work of writers, broadcasters, advertisers, cable operators, Internet service providers, public relations practitioners, photographers, and other public communicators. By presenting statutes and cases in a cohesive manner that is understandable even to students studying law for the first time, The Law of Public Communication ensures that students will acquire a firm grasp of the legal issues affecting the media.

New to this Edition:

Covers recent cases, including: the challenge to restrictions in the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 on soft money and broadcast issue advertisements, and the copyright case (Eldred v. Ashcroft), challenging the constitutionality of extending the term of copyright by 20 years.

  • Adds a new section on “threats,” which includes discussion of "true threats" to abortion doctors on web sites.

  • Discusses restrictions on press coverage of military operations during Operation Enduring Freedom.

  • Examines Bush Administration changes to freedom of information policies.

  • Previews the Supreme Court case determining the constitutionality of federal regulations requiring libraries to install software to filter indecency.

  • Integrates material on the law and regulation of electronic content into several chapters, instead of covering it in a separate chapter, so students can readily compare print and electronic media.

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