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Reproductive Ecology and Human Evolution edited by Peter Thorpe Ellison (Evolutionary Foundations of Human Behavior: Aldine de Gruyter) Reproductive ecology is one of the most exciting and fastest‑growing subareas of evolutionary anthropology. Thanks to recently developed, noninvasive tech­niques for monitoring key aspects of reproductive physiology, new investigations into the interactions between reproduction and a broad array of ecological, behavioral, and constitutional variables can now be carried out under the full range of cultural and ecological conditions that characterize human beings and wild primates. Not only do these studies dramatically expand our understanding of human and primate physiology, but they shed fresh light on central issues in human evolution as well. In Reproductive Ecology and Human Evolution, Dr. Ellison, one of the pioneers in this new field, brings together thirty‑one of the most active and influential scientists investigating the evolutionary ecology of primate and human reproduction. The resulting volume both captures the current state of the field and charts the research agenda that will guide its future.

The volume's eighteen chapters are grouped into four sections that reflect the central focus of the contributions: Physiological Context; Ecological Context; Developmental Context; and Comparative Context. The lively nature of the field is echoed in the resonance that extends to many of the individual chapters, wherein areas of controversy and disagreement are presented along with areas of consolidation and consensus. Students and researchers in the fields of bio­logical anthropology, human biology, and primatology, as well as those from adjacent disciplines such as demography, medicine, social anthropology, and public health, will find Reproductive Ecology and Human Evolution an indis­pensable guide to the frontiers of this exciting terrain.

CONTENTS Preface • Acknowledgments • Introduction • 1. Ecology, Reproduction, and Human Evolution, Peter T. Ellison • Part I: Physiological Context • 2. Pregnancy Loss and Fecundability in Women, Darryl J. Holman and James W Wood • 3. The Evolutionary and Ecological Context of Human Pregnancy, Ivy L. Pike • 4. Why Energy Expenditure Causes Reproductive Suppression in Women: An Evolutionary and Bioenergetic Perspective, Grazyna Jasienska 0 5. Lactation, Energetics, and Postpartum Fecundity, Claudia R. Valeggia and Peter T. Ellison • 6. Reproductive Physiology of the Human Male: An Evolutionary and Life History Perspective, Richard G. Bribiescas • Part II: Ecological Context • 7. Reproductive Filtering and the Social Environment, Samuet K. Wasser and Ned J. Place • 8. Reproductive Ecology of Male Immune Function and Gonadal Function, Benjamin C. Campbell and William D. Lucas • 9. Why Not So Great is Still Good Enough: Flexible Responsiveness in Human Reproductive Functioning, Virginia J. Vitzthum 10. Fertility Changes with the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture: Perspectives from Reproductive Ecology and Palaeodemography, Gillian R. Bentley, Richard R. Paine, and Jesper L. Boldsen • Part III: Developmental Context • 11. Metabolism, Maturation, and Ovarian Function, Susan F Lipson • 12. Child Survival and the Modulation of Parental Investment: Physiological and Hormonal Considerations, Helen L. Ball and Catherine Panter‑Brick • 13. Aging and Reproductive Senescence, Lynnette E. Leidy • 14. The Embodied Capital Theory of Human Evolution, Hillard Kaplan, Kim Hill, A. Magdalena Hurtado, and Jane Lancaster • Part IV: Comparative Context • 15. Strepsirrhine Reproductive Ecology, Patricia L. Whitten and Diane K. Brockman • 16. Reproductive Ecology of New World Monkeys, Karen B. Strier • 17. Reproductive Ecology of Old World Monkeys, Fred B. Bercovitch • 18. The Reproductive Ecology of Male Hominoids, Martin N. Muller and Richard W Wrangham • 19. Female Reproductive Ecology of the Apes: Implications for Human Evolution, Cheryl Knott • Index

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