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Turn Off The Hunger Switch: Reset Your Brain to Change Your Weight by Paul Rivas (Prentice Hall Press) If you’re one of the millions of Americans blaming yourself for being overweight, you can stop right now. The author of this book, Dr. Rivas, has proven that weight loss is not a matter of eating too much or exercising too little. His evidence is in the program that he has tested with more than ten thousand patients. A phenomenal 90 percent of them achieved permanent weight loss by following his unique program. In a radical departure from weight-loss methods that depend on food control, Dr. Rivas makes use of the latest scientific findings on the relationship between brain chemistry and appetite. Hunger, says Dr. Rivas, is controlled by a chemical “switch” in the brain. In his book, he describes exactly what you need to turn that hunger switch ON or OFF. Once you know which simple medications (prescribed by a doctor) or natural supplements regulate your own hunger switch, you’ll never need to think twice about what you eat, or when, or how often. Dr. Rivas’s findings will come as good news to the millions of diet-weary Americans who have discovered that it’s simply impossible to achieve permanent weight loss on a program that involves endless food analysis or exhausting exercise sessions. Freed from the notorious pattern of yo-yo dieting, Dr. Rivas’s patients easily maintain weight loss without wrestling with issues of willpower or self-control.

The kind of hunger that makes you gain weight is a direct result of brain chemistry messages gone awry, according to Dr. Paul Rivas, whose no-diet, no-exercise weight-loss program has been successfully tested by more than 10,000 patients. Ninety-five percent of those patients lost weight permanently with a unique program that used nutrients, supplements, and common, well-tested, doctor prescribed medications to bring their hunger and cravings under immediate control. Anyone who has ever tried unsuccessfully to achieve permanent weight loss will find out in this book why they were doomed to failure. A simple, four-part quiz helps people identify exactly which of four factors in their brain chemistry has made it impossible to achieve weight loss on any other program. (In his practice, Dr. Rivas can identify each person’s “inner hunger switch” in just minutes with exactly these questions.)

Using simple, quick self-evaluations, readers immediately find out which correctable brain-chemistry problem is causing their hunger, cravings, and patterns of over-eating. These problems, as Dr. Rivas shows, are easy to correct, once you know what they are. He describes exactly how patients and doctors can work together, or how people can work on their own to create a weight loss program that guarantees no more hunger or feelings of deprivation.

The result is a weight-loss program that completely frees you from diets, mood swings (the kind that lead to cravings), and patterns of overeating that are rooted in brain chemistry. With “the hunger switch” turned off, people never have to worry about the “tricks” of dieting that are such a dead end -- calorie counting, fat counting, and tests of willpower that lead to the demoralizing frustration of yo-yo dieting.

Dr. Rivas’s findings are now being widely accepted by a growing network of doctors who are achieving an unprecedented rate of success with thousands of their own patients

As Dr. Rivas shows, weight loss becomes simple when you know your own brain-chemistry “type,” as revealed by taking the quizzes in this book. That’s all you need to “turn off the hunger switch” with common, doctor-prescribed medicines or with all-natural supplements. Dr. Rivas’s program puts you in the driver’s seat, so you’ll never again have to worry about cravings or excessive appetite.

Dr. Rivas hits the bullseye with this book. By combining proven time-tested measures with new concepts as well as the latest information about suppressing appetite, he offers new hope to the millions of people with obesity and the doctors who treat them.” Michael Steelman, MD, Fellow of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians


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