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Southeast Asia Religion & Culture

Inside Southeast Asia: Religion, Everyday Life, Cultural Change by Niels Mulder (University of Washington Press) Written for both general readers and specialists, this book explores how modern, urban Southeast Asians view and manage their social life. By comparing the ways they live with their religious representations, with intimate and more distant others, and with their rapidly changing environment, the author demonstrates the marked similarities in the perception of individual and society in three civilizations along the inner littoral of Southeast Asia, irrespective of the great religious diversity that appears to characterize the region.

Inside Thai Society: Religion, Everyday Life, Change by Niels Mulder (University of Washington Press) Thailand is often called the "Land of Smiles", a nickname that sounds at once pleasant and mysterious. It is said that the Thais have a smile for every emotion, and with so many nuances of smiling, the smile often hides more than it reveals. Inside Thai Society looks behind smiles and appearances in order to discover those regularities and expectations that pervade everyday life. It identifies the basic ideas that give meaning and order to existence and that make life in Thai society eminently reasonable.


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