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Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited. By Walter Semkiw, M.D. aka John Adams (Hampton Roads) Superbly researched and written by a brilliant and versatile medical doctor, this book can be expected to make history and be recognized as a classic in its genre. While there are no new concepts involved, the application of science, religion, intuition and logic together enabled the accomplishment of what could never have been achieved by such applied separately. More than seventy cases of living persons, many who are widely recognized today, are included in this work. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George W. Bush, Jesse Ventura, Oprah Winfrey, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, John and Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr., are among the reincarnated revolutionaries.
Here is a book that rests upon an all encompassing concept found in the world's great religions; that whatsoever a man shall sow, that shall he also reap. At the same time, it melts away the basis for racial prejudice and religious prejudice and makes irrational all the exclusive conditions that various religions impose upon their followers to ensure their salvation. It verifies the Golden Rule as Natural Law in operation.
Even more remarkably, it offers evidence that must transform our understanding of heredity. It provides a basis to recognize that our character traits, natural abilities, artistic talents and inclinations are not the product of fortunate or unfortunate combinations of genes but are entirely our own creation and are preexisting to any particular life that we have in the earth. This is an Ancient Wisdom teaching that has been on record through out all time. This understanding transforms the concept of DNA from its being the source of characteristics of the individual to its being the composite result of the thoughts and actions of the individual soul-entity down through the centuries.
How can a book about the reappearance by reincarnation of the Founding Fathers of America, the revolutionaries, possibly be associated with the foregoing statements?
Science is based upon probabilities. Computer science provides a basis to examine an hypothesized probability and correlate vast data to establish it as an aspect of Natural Law or dismiss it. The accurate preservation of physical appearances through photography, in combination with the computer's capacity for storing data and making vast accumulations of records instantly accessible, is the basis for the existence of this crucially important book. The combination of a brilliant mind, a lawyer's ability to build a sound case, a broad background of scholarship regarding the subject matter, an open mind and exceptional capacity for reasoning, in addition to his exceptionally developed sensitivity to respond to guidance by intuition, has enabled Dr. Semkiw to produce a book that has established the above statements as matters of Natural Law.

This is not to suggest that there is anything pedantic or tedious about the presentation of the material. It is fascinating reading and for many people it will be difficult to put this book down. The opening portion is devoted to information concerning how the author came to dedicate himself to write such a controversial work and to his over view of the subject of reincarnation. He does this astutely, presenting such in a highly readable manner. Then follows his perception that individuals return in bodies that are similar to those of their last appearance in the earth and how they are inclined to again associate in families and socially. He disarmingly describes his own reactions to learning of his identity as the return of President John Adams. By his forthright presentation of his thoughts, he becomes like a personal acquaintance to his reader.
It is a great adventure to be taken along with Doctor Semkiw as he unravels each of the cases of reincarnation. The implications of his findings are momentous for our civilization. The returned founders of our nation are now dedicated to restoring the ideals that it was founded upon and contributing to its spiritual awakening. Accurate knowledge of the Natural Laws governing our lives will provide the incentive for the most able, the most intelligent, the most ambitious, the most energetic, of our citizens to dedicate their lives to serve the best interest of their fellow man and posterity.
Joseph R. Myers, P.E. is a consulting structural engineer, a writer whose radio documentaries have been broadcast on public radio, a captain as a WWII aircraft engineering officer and has a web site offering his reincarnation research findings: reincamation2002.com

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