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Dream Your Problems Away: Heal Yourself While You Sleep by Bruce Goldberg (New Page Books) Would you like to rid yourself of headaches or allergies, cure phobias, or slow down the aging process? How about improving your sex life?
We spend a third of our lives asleep. Dream Your Problems Away provides the tools you need to harness your mind's power so you can utilize your "down-time" to improve your waking life. According to Bruce Goldberg, dentist and clinical hypnotherapist, dreams reveal a journey into the mind and empower us to improve the quality of our lives. Goldberg asserts that the resolutions you make in your dream universe can manifest as cures in your waking consciousness.

The book surveys ancient dreaming methods dream incubation, shamanic dreaming, and yogic approaches. From a comprehensive presentation of the "dreamworld" through a variety of exercises, the book takes you on an adventure to learn about dream symbolism, lucid dreaming, dream lovers, how to increase your creativity, heal yourself, and even see into the future while you dream.

Dream Your Problems Away outlines how to:

  • Explore and remove the origins of current-day problems
  • Develop more love and understanding
  • Improve the quality of personal and professional relationships
  • Initiate healing on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level
  • Improve creativity on all levels
  • Master psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and telekinesis

Dozens of meditation and self-hypnosis exercises are specifically designed to train readers to dream their problems away. The author also explores interpretation of dreams and why they are often so hard to interpret.

Not a book for the skeptic or the scientist, smacking of true-believerism, nevertheless, Dream Your Problems Away offers the individual a self-empowering way to look within for the source of problems and the solution to those problems, to take control of ones issues and to take action to change ones life.

Conversations with the Dream Mentor: Awaken to Your Inner Guide by Von Braschler (Llewellyn) Many people throughout history have gained great insight in controlled, lucid dreams in which they actually communicate with a dream teacher or mentor. The author uses personal examples of contact with a dream master to give readers a step-by-step guide to how to enter a state of heightened consciousness and leave the body in controlled dreaming. 
Conversations with the Dream Mentor
discusses the questions that the dream mentor can help you explore in out-of-body dreams. Together you can explore the nature of life, the order of the universe, and your potential and purpose in living. This how-to guide will also show you how to set up post-hypnotic suggestions for your dreams through self-hypnosis. Further, it will teach you active meditation, astral travel, and dream journaling.  

Dreams 1900-2000: Science, Art, and the Unconscious Mind essays by Lynn Gamwell, August Ruhs, and Lucy Daniels (Cornell Studies in the History of Psychiatry)
When Sigmund Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams (new translation Oxford University Press 1999) in 1900, he began the modern study of a phenomenon that has fascinated human beings for thousands of years. At the same time he opened a new realm, the unconscious mind, to filmmakers and artists who were inspired by his theories. This beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated book--written to commemorate the centenary of Freud's classic work--examines the shifting roles that dreams have played in twentieth-century art and science.

Over the course of the twentieth century, as scientists have researched the psychology and physiology of dreams, artists from Odilon Redon and Joan Mir to Jenny Holzer, Ingmar Bergman, and Laurie Anderson have produced dramatic images centered in the unconscious. An exploration of this artistic output, this volume features a hundred color and fifty black-and-white illustrations depicting work by a broad range of artists in painting, photography, sculpture, video, film, performance, dance, and other media.

In her opening essay, Lynn Gamwell reviews the psychoanalytic understanding of dreams and explores the ways in which Freud's theories have been interpreted artistically. The next essay, by Ernest Hartmann, traces attempts to link somatic and psychological dimensions of dreaming and to discover parallels between these dimensions and creative thought. In the final essay, Donald Kuspit assesses the impact of the transition from the mystical outlook that human beings held in the nineteenth century to the twentieth-century scientific paradigm for the human mind.

Dreams 1900-2000: Science, Art, and the Unconscious Mind captures a century in this stunning volume, concluding with a "dream archive"--an illustrated catalogue raisonn of approximately five hundred examples of twentieth-century art about dreams. The collection of visual images makes this tribute to Freud’s seminal study of dream interpretation especially welcome as it chronicles in a vivid way the pervasive effect of dream images in art and cinema.

Lucy Daniels, Lucy Daniels Foundation, Raleigh, N.C.
Lynn Gamwell, State University of New York, Binghamton
Ernest Hartmann, M.D., Tufts University School of Medicine
Donald Kuspit, State University of New York, Stony Brook
August Ruhs, M.D., Universittsklinik fr Tiefenpsychologie und Psychotherapie, Vienna


Foreword August Ruhs
Dreams in Pursuit of Art Lucy C. Daniels
The Muse Is Within: The Psyche in the Century of Science Lynn Gamwell
The Psychology and Physiology of Dreaming: A New Synthesis Ernest Hartmann
From Vision to Dream: The Secularization of the Imagination Donald Kuspit
Dream Archive

The Practice of Dream Healing: Bringing Ancient Greek Mysteries into Modern Medicine by Edward, Ph.D. Tick (Quest Books) From his practice of treating severely traumatized Vietnam veterans in the late '70s and '80s, psychotherapist Edward Tick came to believe that traditional Western medicine could not adequately heal deeply wounded souls and he embarked on an exploration of healing practices worldwide. His search brought him to ancient Greece and what he claims are the roots of modern medicine. In The Practice of Dream Healing:, Tick introduces readers to the Greek mythological figure of Asklepios, who was believed to be the first spiritual healer or psychiatrist and to those today who practice his spiritual healing methodology, including a cardiologist turned psychiatrist and a Christian priest. Tick takes readers along on the healing journeys he has experienced and witnessed in others.

MUTUAL DREAMING: When Two or More People Share the Same Dream by Linda Lane Magallon ($12.00, paper, 339 pages, notes, bibliography, index, Pocket Books Original Paperback)

They can leave us breathless with excitement or scare us senseless. They are our dreams, our journeys of the mind, and they hold us in their rapture long after we wake up. But if our dreams fascinate, mutual dreaming opens the door on a thrilling new dimension. There is no experience as uniquely intimate as having a dream with another person. Incredible but very real, the phenomenon of sharing the same dream with one or more people, sometimes simultaneously, is much more common than we might think—and also extremely revealing about the way our subconscious works and sends us its messages.

Internationally known mutual dreaming authority, Linda Lane Magallon leads us on an astonishing voyage of the under explored depths of the collective human unconscious. Mutual dreams can take any form—from erotic dreams, to terrifying nightmares, to dreams of mystifying encounters with strangers. This groundbreaking book teaches us how to recognize and understand these and other types of mutual dreams—and how to decode and gain insight from them. With dozens of extraordinary anecdotes and true-life stories, MUTUAL DREAMING exposes the unlimited potential shared dreaming holds for each of us. We even learn how to induce having the same dream with another person—or more than one person.

Take a trip into the most intriguing landscape possible—that of the human mind. Using MUTUAL DREAMING as a guide, you will discover how and why you might take someone else along for a fantastic dream ride. "It’s fascinating and fun...such obvious love for the wise and rumply nature of consciousness. It had the immediate effect of turning my own dream recall on full blast!

Mutual dreams are dreams shared by more than one person - be it two people or several, across great distances or across the room. Sometimes these dreams occur between people who have never met. Mutual dreams can take any form - from erotic dreams to terrifying nightmares to dreams of mystifying encounters with strangers. This groundbreaking book teaches readers how to recognize and understand these types of mutual dreams - and how to decode them in order to gain insight into the messages they convey. With dozens of extraordinary anecdotes and true-life stories, MUTUAL DREAMING exposes the unlimited potential shared dreams hold for each of us. We even learn how to induce having the same dream with another person - or with a group of dreamers.

Linda Lane Magallon’s life was transformed by the experience of having mutual dreams, and twenty years ago, she decided to begin clinical studies of the phenomenon. For years she has been conducting workshops and sessions to study the real-life experiences of people who have had mutual dreams with loved ones, family members, and even strangers.

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