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Crystal Ascension:
Spiritual Growth & Planetary Healing
by Catherine Bowman.
Llewellyn Publications PO Box 64383, St. Paul Minnesota 55164 or call 1-800-843-6666
$6.95, 208 pages, black & white illustrations, bibliography, index
ISBN: 1-56718-075-2

Best-selling author and spiritual counselor, Bowman claims to teach how to use the minerals, chakras, color and sound to gently trigger the sleeping soul to release the new energies into conscious expression. Bowman says, "To begin this process of getting in touch with our soul's vibrations and releasing negative thought patterns, Nature has provided us with the most perfect tool, quartz crystals...
"My growth was, and at times still is, slow, frustrating and lonely. I experienced a great deal of isolation from what I believed was the 'normal' middle class way of life. I lived in this world but WAS not a part of it. I realize now that this inner struggle was only the beginning to self-understanding. Without turmoil and self doubting, I never would have opened up to the wonderment of vibrations beyond this plane of existence. My search for inner truth and light had entered a new phase. Crystals were the catalysts which put me in touch with my inner self and all-that-is.
"Just as I was asking the universe 'What's Next?' I moved to Egypt. In this country my higher self and consciousness experienced bittersweet memories of ancient civilizations and there religions. Egypt's pharaohonic temples and pyramids brought many past life situations into consciousness. It was this stage of my life the realization dawned that another new path of growth was beginning. Old patterns must be released to prepare for the new energies of Ascension that were filtering into my body. Once again, crystals were there to guide, direct and assist. Crystals will always be a part of my life. They are Nature's gifts to mankind, helping us raise our vibrations into energies of Ascension."

The Twenty-first century is expected by many New Agers to bring an influx of energies so profound that people will be forever altered, both physically and spiritually. This book caters to that expectation by claiming that those who are make the conscious choice to advance their awareness into these new levels of Ascension, will find the practical use of quartz crystals a key to self and spiritual transformation. Through the techniques described, it is claimed that "anyone can raise their body's vibrations into finer degrees of light. When this happens, one can appear in physical form at will. Thoughts will instantaneously manifest. Lower frequencies of negative emotions will dissipate, and one will be in a continuous state of higher awareness. There will be no limitation to creativity, intuition, healing powers, prosperity and unconditional love."

Just as the soul expresses its needs through a body it is assumed that the universal levels of higher consciousness work through quartz crystals to raise the level of human attunement.
In this little book one can learn how to:

  • Use crystals to stimulate the dormant pineal gland and amplify the awakening spiritual energies.
    Program oneself for prosperity.
  • Blend the energies of the soul, personality and ego into one harmonious unit.
  • Stimulate the chakras and link with the Ascension frequencies of the Higher Emotional, Higher Mental, Oversoul, Master and Creator (l AM) chakras.

Catherine Bowman is the author of the best-selling book Crystal Awareness, that has sold over 100,000 copies. She lives in Toronto, Canada and is a certified spiritual teacher and counselor.

This book is highly recommended as is for the gullible. It is useful for ritual workers who wish to incorporate the use of quartz crystals into their ritual workings and the performance of magick.

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