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Gangaji represents an interesting hybrid phenomena in the quest for religious truth. She claims close association with Sri Ramana Maharshi through Sri H.W.L. Poonja of Lucknow. Her teachings follow as a gentle interpretation of the Sage of Arunanchula while she is thoroughly American in culture and disposition. The hybrid aspect of her teachings is how well it is marketed. THE RIVER OF FREEDOM video reviewed below is a catchy public relations advertisement that does more to market her satsangs than explain her teachings. In this way it is easy to see her as a New Age teacher. So far however this does not seem to be the case. Her message has stayed close to the source of simplicity, rather than moving with tides of vagrant desire and commodity that characterizes so much of New Age posturing.

On the whole I am impressed with her consistent adaptation toward the truth that Sri Ramana Maharshi so clearly represents to many. Her books and audiotapes clearly shows that what she says is in the spirit of this great saint. -Paul Nagy, Managing Editor, Wordtrade.com

Sri Ramana Maharshi awakened to Self-Realization at the early age of 17, Sri Ramana Maharshi is one of India's most revered sages. Sri Ramana lived his life in recognition of radiant silence on India's holy mountain, Arunanchula. Thousands of spiritual seekers have received his transmission and essential teaching ~ who we are is boundless consciousness, completely whole and totally free. Not separate from Truth or Freedom, we are already That which we have longed for most. To realize our true Self, Sri Ramana's guidance is pure and simple. Be still. Be absolutely still.

In the wake of Sri Ramana's realization, a lineage of teachers arose. Teachers devoted to the recognition of peace, alive in the heart of all being. Sri H.W.L. Poonja, a householder from the Western Punjab and an officer in the Indian army, traveled throughout India in his search for truth. In 1944, Poonja's search ended in the silent gaze of Ramana. Now lovingly called Papaji, he offers satsang from his home in Lucknow, India. Each day of his life is devoted to making Ramana's message of freedom available to all.

In 1990, Gangaji met her teacher, Papaji on the banks of the holy river Ganga in India. In this meeting the true fulfillment she had been seeking throughout her life was revealed. Confirming her Self realization, Papaji requested she carry this transmission to the West. Skillfully and passionately she presents this message to Westerners, Gangaji teaches and holds satsang around the world.

In 1993, a non-profit foundation was established to serve the purpose of facilitating satsangs with Gangaji. Through a variety of programs Satsang Foundation & Press brings satsang with Gangaji to thousands of people from many walks of life, spiritual paths, and religious traditions. Currently, over 700 volunteers worldwide actively participate in making available this message of freedom and peace.

Translated from the Sanskrit, satsang means "in association with truth." Public Satsang is a gathering in which Gangaji speaks and responds to those asking questions and sharing their experiences.

In 1996, Satsang Foundation & Press hosted 145 satsangs throughout the United States and Australia. Gangaji's 1997 schedule includes New York City, Washington D.C., Santa Fe, Nashville, Marin County, Boulder, San Diego, and Victoria, B.C.

Satsang Retreats are held several times each year. During these retreats participants maintain silence and refrain from the schedules and business of their regular lives. Satsang retreats are a unique opportunity to rest deeply in silence. Usually conducted away from the cities in settings of great natural beauty, participants attend two satsangs daily as part of the retreat program.

By recording and archiving all satsangs with Gangaji, Satsang Foundation & Press has created an extensive library. They publish and distribute books, video tapes, and audio tapes of satsang with Gangaji, as well as books and video tapes of Sri Ramana and Papaji. Some of these materials are now available in other languages, including German, Dutch, and French.

Contact them at info@gangaji.org

Among their other programs are:

In 1994, a prisoner's letter to Gangaji was the call to bring satsang to inmates in prison. Gangaji's first prison satsang was held in Englewood, Colorado. Today, volunteers regularly visit prisoners in federal institutions as well as sharing satsang through correspondence. In 1996, 78 satsangs were conducted in these institutions. The Satsang Prison Program also provides hundreds of books and tapes to inmates in institutions throughout the country.

On a weekly basis satsang with Gangaji is held in over 75 cities worldwide through our Video Satsang Program. Participants in the United States, Australia, Canada, England, The Netherlands, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, and Sweden gather each week to sit in silence and attend satsang with Gangaji on video tape.

The Public Access Satsang Television Program now broadcasts satsang with Gangaji to thousands of homes in more than 10 cities across the United States, including New York City, Washington D.C., Austin, Denver, Tucson, San Diego, and Honolulu.

Through these programs and publications, Satsang Foundation & Press serves the truth of universal consciousness by bringing satsang to the world. They are dedicated to the recognition of peace inherent in the core of all being.

The Satsang Foundation & Press

4855 Riverbend Road

Boulder, Colorado 80301


phone: 303-449-6325

fax: 303-449-6633

email: info@gangaji.org

The Satsang Foundation & Press distributes or produces the following products and has an electronic newsletter.


by David Godman

Annamalai Swami spent years in devotion to Sri Ramana Maharshi. This is the story of a Guru-disciple relationship. An inspiring and moving account of living and working in the powerful presence of Sri Ramana.

386 pages...............$17


Edited by David Godman

$15.00, paper, 305 pages

A collection of candid and lively interviews with Papaji. In interviews conducted by David Godman, Chokyi Nyima Rimpoche, Catherine Ingram, and many others, Papaji shares stories of wisdom and truth. Also includes an excellent biography.


Satang with H.W.L. Poonja

Volume 1

edited Eli Jaxon-Bear

Satsang Foundation & Press

$12.00, paper, 171 Pages


"All attraction is Self to Self. This is the secret. Once you know it, there will be only Love in the world." Sri Poonjaji's instruction is without restraint. In these transcribed satsangs, presented in a question and answer format, Poonjaji offers complete awakening, here and now, regardless of one's history, spiritual path, or personal circumstances. This recognition of true freedom is Poonjaji's gift to the world.


Satsang with H.W.L. Poonja

Volume 2

edited Eli Jaxon-Bear

Satsang Foundation & Press

$12.00, paper, 175 Pages, glossary


In the second volume of Wake Up and Roar, Sri Poonjaji deepens the dialogue that began in the first volume. Answering the earnest questions of spiritual seekers, Poonjaji speaks to the nature of mind, enlightenment, meditation, the student/teacher relationship, and "how to be in the world."


Satsang with Gangaji

Volume 1

Satsang Foundation & Press

$12.00, paper, 165 Pages


" . . . the conversations transcribed here evoke a playful atmosphere of warmth and penetrating clarity--at once profound, humorous, gentle, and fearlessly direct." Yoga Journal 1996

In September, 1995, the Satsang Press published its first book. YOU ARE THAT! is a beautiful collection of excerpts taken from satsangs with Gangaji around the world. Topics are presented in a clear question and answer format. Gangaji compassionately and skillfully directs the questioners to the truth of Being while responding to questions on relationships, meditation and practice, parents and children, relationship to the guru, the nature of mind, and more.

Ending the misidentification of yourself as some particular entity separate from consciousness, Gangaji points you to your true identity--pure, limitless consciousness. She gracefully gives you support to stop all stories of suffering and recognize your true face of freedom. Gangaji also addresses questions concerning the nature of thought, meditation, and the fear of death.


Satsang with Gangaji

Volume 2

Satsang Foundation & Press

$15.00, paper, 218 Pages


"Stillness is presence of Being. You are that presence of Being. Receive your Self."

In her second volume of satsang, Gangaji exposes the cause of all suffering and illuminates the peace that is permanently present. If you have questions about the search for enlightenment, being in the world, self-doubt, anger, parenting, or sex, these pages will be inspiring.

YOU ARE THAT Volume II deepens the exploration into true Self which began in Volume I. Some of the topics included in this exquisite new books are the search for enlightenment, the challenge of surrender, suffering, self-doubt, sex, parenting, and the direct experience of emotions. Gangaji's ruthless clarity and compassion cut through all imagined obstacles to Self-realization as she shares her own direct experience of the awakened heart.


produced by Satsang Foundation & Press

$30.00, Video, 61 minutes

RIVER OF FREEDOM documents a living transmission of Self-realization. It is the story of an American woman who receives that transmission and offers it directly to you. The lineage starts with Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest enlightened beings of our age.

Using rare archival film and photographs, Ramana and his teachings are lovingly documented. One of Ramana's devotees, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji), a Self-realized satguru, received this transmission from Ramana in 1942 and has been freely passing it on to all. In April 1990, Antoinette Varner was drawn to India. At the banks of the holy river Ganga, she met Papaji. Included in this video is one of the questions she asked him and his reply. Gangaji invites you to plunge into this River of Freedom and discover, "You are That which you are searching for!"

Other audio and video products, mostly edited records of Gangaji's satsangs are available from the Satsang Foundation & Press at very reasonable prices. Contact them about titles.


The Path of Self-Inquiry

by Gangaji

Sounds True

$18.95, 2 cassettes in plastic cases boxed, 141 minutes


Remarkably fresh and easygoing Gangaji presents the pristine teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Her simple words show an unwavering loyalty to the discipline of self-inquiry, while she avoids the stark rationalism, dogmatism, and reductionism that some explanations of this way often fall into. Gangaji (Antoinette Roberson Varner) is an American spiritual teacher who is dedicated to sharing the path of freedom through simple and direct self-inquiry, as taught by the legendary sage Sri Ramana Maharshi of India. In 1990, she entered this lineage through Sri H.W.L. Poonjaji, a disciple of Sri Ramana.

In searching for truth, there is only one question that needs to be answered: Who am I? This inquiry into the self is the core of Advaita Vedanta (radical non-dualism), a timeless teaching for reclaiming our true identity: the infinite that is beyond death.

Now Gangaji travels the world, holding gatherings (satsangs) and retreats with spiritual seekers of all faiths. Her message is vibrantly challenging, avoiding the common pitfalls, so many put in their way in order not to let their own true self shine through. On this tape, Gangaji spells out the principles of self-inquiry, revealing how to effortlessly step outside limiting psychological conditioning and mental constructs into the freedom, expansiveness, and peace of our own true nature. Weaving her personal story of search with classic Vedanta wisdom, she discusses how one can directly realize the truth of who I am; how to work with difficult emotions; relationships as a way to deepen self-realization; how truth can nourish all aspects of daily work, and much more.

Gangaji is the author of YOU ARE THAT Vols. I & II (Satsang Press, 1996).

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