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Christian Reference Works

Dictionary of Christianity edited by J.C. Cooper (Fitzroy Dearborn) A comprehensive reference guide to saints, popes, martyrs, orders, heresies, schisms and religious movements and practices, the Dictionary of Christianity is an alphabetically‑arranged volume of essential facts about Christianity and the Christian church.

It includes: accounts of the lives of theologians, philosophers, and reformers whose works influenced the development of Christianity; biblical statistics and information about the chief editions of the Bible; the lives of saints, including their feast days; and offices and vestments, rituals and festivals.

In recent years there has been an upsurge in ecumenical movements, and increased communication between Eastern and Western Catholics and Protestants. There has also been an increase in the membership of the Eastern Church in Western countries and, with the fall of Communism in Russia, a revival of the Russian Orthodox Church. In response to this phenomena, the Dictionary of Christianity covers all the main branches of the Christian church. It will be an invaluable reference for all students of religion. [Review pending]

The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations by Martin H. Manser (John Knox Westminster) This absorbing anthology comprises over 6,000 quotations, arranged under nearly 500 topics and subtopics. The topics cover not only different facets of Christian faith and teaching, such as gospel, grace, kingdom of God, miracles, and prayer, but also aspects of life, such as comfort, doubt, families, fellow­ship, guidance, hope, loss, and peace. Quotations are drawn from famous and lesser-known Christians of every major tradition throughout the ages and throughout the world, as well as from the Bible itself.

With its simple alphabetical arrange­ment and its thorough cross-referencing system, The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations makes it easy to find the right expression for a particular need or occasion. It will be especially useful for preachers or teachers looking for ways to enliven and enhance their pre­sentations and will provide an endless source of insight and encouragement for individuals on their spiritual journey.

The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations focuses on the motif of "divine rejection" in the Hebrew Bible and on the significance of this motif in ancient Hebrew thought. The evolution of the theme of divine rejection is traced from its function in ancient Near Eastern literature through the various sections of the Hebrew Bible. By attending to the significance of the motif, the reader is invited into an awareness of the fact that unlike the contemporary society, the Hebrew people did not minimize suffering and pain, but recognized the God-who-rejects and confronted this God with rage, personal and corporate. This research attempts to make a contribution to the field of Old Testament theology while exploring the theological assump­tions attached to the motif of divine rejection as it was believed, experienced, and proclaimed by the ancient Israelite community.


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