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Jewish NT Commentary

A Jewish Understanding Of The New Testament by Samuel Sandmel (Skylight Paths Publishing) On Christmas day 1925, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, one of the twentieth century’s most influential Jewish leaders, gave a lecture at Carnegie Hall in New York City titled "A Jew’s View of Jesus." He argued that Jesus, in fact, existed, contrary to popular Jewish opinion at that time. He said, "Neither Christian protest nor Jewish lamentation can annul the fact that Jesus was a Jew, an Hebrew of Hebrews." Thirty years later, Rabbi Samuel Sandmel set out to explain and introduce—for the first time in scholarly detail from a Jewish perspective—the enigmatic character of the texts held sacred by Christians, the so-called New Testament that surrounds and presents the figure of Jesus.

In this new edition of Sandmel’s classic work, you will encounter his lucid and brilliant introduction to the New Testament from a Jewish point of view, transcending the boundaries of religion in order to share in the profound perplexities and deep aspirations that we as human beings have been inspired to express.

A Jewish Understanding of the New Testament provides an introduction to the documents that form the source of Christian faith, from a Jewish perspective. Samuel Sandmel applies scholarly criticism and provides historical background to the writings of the New Testament, revealing how the sacred literature of other religions can provide enriching perspectives on one’s own beliefs. This intriguing and informative book will augment both Jewish and Christian study of the New Testament, as well as provide a well-rounded introduction to its literary flavor and historical significance for seekers of any faith. Without compromising his Jewish identity or encouraging any traditional Jewish stereotypes of the New Testament, Sandmel offers an enlightened view of Christian beliefs and encourages us to acknowledge the common humanity we share with people of all religions.


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