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1 Chronicles by Ralph W. Klein, Thomas Kruger (Hermeneia: a Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible Fortress Press) This commentary takes full advantage of recent advances in the textual history of Samuel and Kings, demonstrating in many cases that the differences often ascribed to the Chronicler came in fact from the divergent copy of the canonical books he was rewriting. Klein brings to lively expression the unique theological voice of the Chronicler and demonstrates there have been far fewer secondary additions to the text than is normally assumed.

Gestating for nearly 30 years this commentary offers one of the most up to date scholarly synopsis of how 1 Chronicles is understood.  Building upon basic scholarly consensus, Klein reconstructs many of the ways that the book will be read by scholars, historians and critical religious readers. Klein advances a strong argument for the unity of the text, claiming that there are fewer additions and editorial addendums then had some time been argued.


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