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Still Life With Crows by Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston (Warner Books) (Abridged Audio Cassette) (Abridged Audio CD) New York Times bestselling authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child return with Still Life With Crows, a midwest Gothic thriller about a serial killer who terrorizes a small town. Medicine Creek , Kansas , has been slowly dying for the last century. A small, quiet place, the primary occupation is still farming, Main Street is a stretch of old and dusty businesses, and the nearest mall is 200 miles away. In a town where nothing changes, the community is terrified after a series of grisly murders takes place. The unusual killer is wreaking havoc and he leaves outlandish signatures, such as a mutilated body within a circle of crows on stakes and a ring of broken corn stalks.

With the entire town in shock, FBI Agent Pendergast arrives on his own initiative from New Orleans to investigate. Pendergast is a charismatic thriller hero, whose slightly archaic dialogue, unique mode of dress, and seemingly endless array of esoteric facts make him a fascinating lead character, and he is no stranger to bizarre murders. The authors make much of his being a descendant of Sherlock Holmes and give him a Watson, Corrie Swanson, a rebellious tattooed and pierced teenage who is his driver.

From the fields to the local caves, Pendergast discovers the remnants of a Prohibition-era moonshine operation and the truth behind one of the town's greatest mysteries: who was behind the Medicine Creek Massacre of 1865. Now, Pendergast must discover the twisted secret hiding within a four-generation Kansas family – before someone else is murdered.

But further killings do occur. Not surprisingly, the relatively hick local cops don't like Pendergast, nor do the local politicians, who hope their town will be chosen for a lucrative experiment in genetically modified crops. When Corrie is dragged off to the killer's hideaway in a massive cave system, however, cops and Pendergast unite in an extended underground cat-and-mouse chase.

Preston and Child deftly mix the real and the surreal in Still Life With Crows – this Gothic thriller, is sure to entertain lovers of FBI Special Agent Pendergast and newcomers alike. The abridged Audio Cassette or  Audio CD is performed with his usual dramatic flair by Rene Auberjonois, know for his stage and television roles.

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