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Pulitzer Prize Editorials: America 's Best Writing, 1917-2003 (Third Edition) by Laird B. Anderson (Editor), W. David Sloan (Editor) (Iowa State Press, Blackwell) An impressive anthology that illustrates the evolution of editorial writing over the decades, Pulitzer Prize Editorials contains the entire, unabridged text of the prize-winning editorial from that year, preceded by a succinct introduction from the editors. For aspiring writers, an introduction covers the background of the awards, the selection process, writing concerns, and the list of winners. Starting from 1917, skipping a few years, the book continues on to the present.

New to this third edition:

  • 1994 – R. Bruce Dold, Chicago Tribune
  • 1995 – Jeffrey Good, St. Petersburg Times (FL)
  • 1996 – Robert B. Semple, Jr., New York Times
  • 1997 – Michael Gartner, Daily Tribune ( Ames , IA )
  • 1998 – Bernard L. Stein, Riverdale Press (NY)
  • 1999 – Editorial Board, New York Daily News
  • 2000 – John C. Bersia, Orlando Sentinel
  • 2001 – David Moats, Rutland Herald (VT)
  • 2002 – Alex Raksin and Bob Sipchen, Los Angeles Times
  • 2003 – Cornelia Grumman, Chicago Tribune

Other writers include: 1962 Thomas M. Storke, The John Birch Society: An Editorial; 1952 Louis LaCoss, The Low Estate of Public Morals; and 1944 Henry J. Haskell, How German Fooled the World and That Valley Falls Latin Teacher.

The volume is edited by Wm. David Sloan, Professor of Journalism in the College of Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama , Tuscaloosa , and Laird B. Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Journalism in the School of Communication at American University , Washington , DC.

Pulitzer Prize Editorials makes it possible for students of all ages and degrees of experience to learn from the best. Students first learning the craft to accomplished opinion writers – all will benefit from this exceptional collection of outstanding journalism.

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