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Wall-to-Wall Baby Blues: A Baby Blues Treasury by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott (Andrews McMeel Publishing)  Oh, baby, it's Baby Blues again! Just when readers thought the MacPherson world was baby-proofed, co-creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott flip up the toilet-training lid, throw open the kitchen cabinets, and drag the garden hose into the house with Wall-to-Wall Baby Blues: A Baby Blues Treasury. This delightful, internationally syndicated comic strip depicts the hilarious adventures of the MacPherson family.

Combining Kirkman and Scott's favorite strips from Baby Blues: Unplugged, Dad-to-­the-Bone, and Never a Dry Moment, Wall-to-Wall Baby Blues offers readers the best of what they've come to expect from its award-winning creators. From game's of "Destroy the Legos" to how to blow a two-year-old's nose with just one box of tissues, Wall-to-Wall Baby Blues never fails to revel in the funny facts about raising kids.

This winning assortment o daily strips and full-color Sunday features delivers an array of hilarious family comedy. Wall-to-Wall Baby Blues will have young readers, parents, expectant parents, and grandparents nodding their heads in recognition of life in the MacPherson household. It's truly family fun from top to bottom.

About Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott: 
Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott's work on Baby Blues has delighted fans and wowed cartooning contest judges since the pair launched the strip in 1990. The National Cartoonists Society, in fact, has bestowed Baby Blues its Best Comic Strip of the Year Award. Today, more than 20 periodicals and over 850 newspapers deliver the team's art and wit to 40 million readers worldwide, while www.babyblues.com gets 300,000 hits each month. Rick lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Jerry, also the co-creator of the award-winning comic strip Zits, lives in Malibu, California.

Zits: Supersized--Spring 2003 Treasury by Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott (Andrews McMeel) Zits is such a phenomenon that it’s hard to believe it’s only been around for six years.

Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Duncan is bored with school. His mom talks his ear off. His dad's jokes are lame on a world-class level. But while Jeremy may believe much of his life is a big yawn, parent and teen readers of the comics pages from more than 1,000 different newspapers eagerly embrace the real-life humor and clever stories of Zits every day.

ZZits: Supersized marks the third anxiously awaited treasury of the hilarious trials and tribulations of Jeremy and a dynamic cast of characters that includes girlfriend Sara, best-friends Hector and Pierce, and parents Connie and Walt. Supersized opens with the full-color work “Good Night Dude,” a parody of Good Night Moon, In the Zits version of the classic bedtime story, the reader is given a clever and hilarious tour of a teen’s room, revealing “a stack of tunes and a picture of a girl with some big bazooms.”
Another sample: 1st frame: Drawing of Harry Truman with his quote: “The best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want, and then advise them to do it.” 2nd & final frame: Jeremy says to Dad “So you really think I should spend my summer job money on skydiving lessons?”, Dad Walt replies, “Absolutely” & Mom Connie screams from the other room, “Walt!”

The strip is such a funny pages staple that it's hard to believe that six years ago creators Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman were pondering whether Zits was the right name for their soon-to-debut strip. Charles Schulz told Borgman that it was "the worst name for a comic strip since Peanuts." It only stands to reason that the strip would go on to Peanuts-like notoriety. Today, it's impossible to imagine that this humorous, edgy comicstrip could be known by any other name.

Complete with brilliant four-color illustrations, Zits: Supersized chronicles more than two years' worth of the wildly popular strip that has twice been honored with the award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip by the National Cartoonists Society. Zits: Supersized is a Zits treasure for die-hard fans, a humorous look into the 15-year-old Jeremy’s life as he bursts with the questions, insecurities, and concerns of teenager hood, something both parents and children appreciate.

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