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Grassroots Expectations of Democracy and Economy: Argentina in Comparative Perspective by Nancy R. Powers (Pitt Latin American Series: University of Pittsburgh Press) advances a novel perspective on a fundamental and unresolved puzzle: How do ordinary citizens think and act as they confront economic hard times under conditions of democratic poli­tics? Building from a broad knowledge of contemporary Argentina, as well as mastery of recent theoretical discussions and empirical findings in comparative politics, Powers's analysis is particularly pertinent to the study of individual cognitive processes and their implications for collective political action; to grassroots politics and social movements; to the political economy of market reform and to debates on the consolidation and `quality' of new democracies." -William C. Smith, University of Miami 

"Powers addresses one of the most interesting political questions raised in the context of Argentina's-and Latin America's-recent transition to liberal democracy and free markets: Why do poor people continue to support democratic regimes that have failed to improve their standards of living or that have even worsened them by fostering unemployment and regressive income distribution?...`The author's meaningful empirical analysis and theoretical insights make this book a valuable addition to the literature on Latin Amer­ican politics."-Aldo C. Vacs, Skidmore College

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