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Worlds That Weren't by Harry Turtledove, S. M. Stirling, Mary Gentle, Walter Jon Williams (Roc) In this all-new collection of original novellas, four award-winning masters of alternate history turn back time, twisting the facts with four brilliant excursions into what might have been by traversing Worlds That Weren't. This is a landmark anthology of four original novellas by the reigning masters of alternate history. Set in different eras, different places, and different times, these forays into "what might have been" showcases the stunning breadth and far-reaching possibilities the genre represents.

Under the influence of the philosopher Sokrates, the Athenian general Alkibiades leads his soldiers to victory over the Spartans in New York Times bestselling author Harry Turtledove's "The Daimon." Harry Turtledove is the author of numerous novels including Guns of the South and How Few Remain. Nominated for the Hugo and Nebula several times, he's won the Hugo, The Sidewise Award, and the John Esthen Cook Award.

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