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Music.Dot.Com by Roger Walton (Watson-Guptill) For people who work with or just love music, and for people who work with or just love great graphic design, this dual resource contains the first printed collection of site design to concentrate exclusively on Web sites created for the music industry. Web site design has become ever more important to record companies and music artists vying for the public's attention through computer screens. This book presents not only the most eye-popping visual design innovations of the field, but also considers the construction, navigation, and technical qualities of featured Web sites and how to enjoy them to their fullest. Offered at a time when the music industry's traditional marketing and distribution systems are being radically reassessed in the light of cyberspace influences, this enlightening book explores many of the best and most daring Web site designs to be found. For music fans and net surfers everywhere, this may be their last chance to see the featured sites before they are reconstructed or simply disappear forever.

Soundscapes: Exploring Music in a Changing World by Kay Kaufman Shelemay (W.W. Norton) A fascinating new introduction to music of the world's peoples, as seen from the vantage point of its function: music for dance, for the home, for worship, for political purposes. the study of music the way most people encounter it: by the roles it plays in their lives and communities. Through a series of illuminating case studies, readers learn the fundamentals of music while exploring the social and cultural settings of different "soundscapes"‑that is, musical traditions‑from around the world, all of which either migrated to North America or originated there. Thus, under chapter titles such as "Music of Worship and Belief," "Music of Everyday Life," and "Music and Dance," we find case studies such as "Tibetan Buddhist Chant," "The Lullaby," and "The Tango."

The book cuts across musical repertories, genres, and styles, allowing students to learn how music is both transmitted and changed over time and across space. It is flexible enough for instructors to substitute soundscapes related to their own specialties, local resources, or particular student interests. It can also be used to teach music from a single tradition, such as Indian, African American, or West­ern classical. Each of the 79 works featured in the case studies is supplied with a listening guide that helps students get the most out of the music they hear.

To assist instructors and students, the following ancillaries are available:

• 3‑CD set of recordings, containing 69 works covered in the case studies (the other 10 "works" are radio broadcasts, which are accessible from the Soundscapes webBOOK)
• Soundscapes Classical, a supplement offering 20 case studies from the Western classical repertory, available as a printed booklet and online (all 20 works from the case studies are available on the 8‑CD Norton Recordings)
Soundscapes webBOOK featuring interactive quizzes for review, video interviews, and a multimedia glossary of 500 terms, with links to recordings and other online resources; available at http://www.wwnorton.com/soundscapes
• Norton/ eAlbums, an online music network that provides access to a large collection of CD‑quality music downloads to supplement the recordings set; available at http://www.wwnorton.com/liquidaudio

• Instructor's Manual, containing lesson plans, lists of additional resources, advice on using local traditions and instructor expertise, sample syllabi, suggestions for assignments and testing, and additional music examples.

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