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Raku: A Practical Approah by Steven Branfman (Krause) Raku is a pottery technique in which the ware is quickly fired, removed from the kiln while it is hot and the glaze is molten, and completed in a post-firing phase outside the kiln. This useful handbook guides beginning and intermediate potters through each stage of raku, from its origins and history to clays and glazes, instructions on firing, combustion, and post-firing methods. Dozens of recipes are included for clay bodies and glazes, as well as recommendations for using commercial products. Detailed information is provided for building or buying raku kilns, with troubleshooting guidelines for firing and kiln design issues.

Author Steven Branfman has expanded and updated his original edition, including more information on slip resist/naked raku, raku saggar, fuming, vapor glazing, and other related techniques, and many more photos.

-         Complete instructions for successful raku pottery
- Expanded color photo section
- Dozens of clay body and glaze recipes plus recommendations for commercial products

Ceramics: Mastering the Craft by Richard Zakin (Krause) This greatly expanded and updated edition features more than 300 beautiful color photos of the most innovative work being done in the ceramics field today. Works by leading artists are showcased in sections on utilitarian pottery, non-utilitarian pottery, sculpture, and work in the wall piece format.

This second edition is a perfect blend of the technical and aesthetic aspects of ceramics, featuring historical background information, analysis of image creation strategies, and numerous technical photos. Several photo essays show such processes as raku, throwing on a wheel, hand forming in a press mold, working with colored clay, and more. Potters will find invaluable advice on buying and formulating clays, choosing and applying glazes, firing clay bodies, and much more.

300+ stunning color photos
- Practical advice for new and experienced potters
- Photo essays for several making processes



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