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Urban Design

Greening Existing Buildings by Jerry Yudelson (McGraw-Hills Greensource Series: McGraw-Hill) This GreenSource guide explains how to transform existing buildings into more energy-efficient, resource-conserving green buildings. The book provides a clear process that guides you, step-by-step, through each phase of moving building operations and maintenance toward the goal of a green-certified building.
Greening Existing Buildings
features proven technologies and operating methods, and shows building owners and facility managers how to green buildings in a cost-effective way. This practical and insightful resource highlights the ten best practices for greening existing buildings, and includes more than 25 case studies of successful implementations and 35 insightful interviews with industry experts and building owners and managers. More

Urban Development: The Logic of Making Plans by Lewis D. Hopkins (Island Press) With increased awareness of the role of plans in shaping urban and suburban landscapes has come increased criticism of planners and the planning profession. Developers, politicians, and citizens alike blame "poor planning" for a host of community ills. But what are plans really supposed to do? How do they work? What problems can they successfully address, and what is beyond their scope?

Leading planning scholar Lewis D. Hopkins tackles these thorny issues in his new book Urban Development as he explains the logic of plans for urban development and justifies prescriptions about when and how to make them.

Urban Development's extensive research covers several principal planning issues by:  placing the role of the plans and planners within the complex system of urban development; offering examples from the history of the plans and planning; discussing when plans should be made (and when they should not be); giving a realistic idea of what can be expected from plans; examining ways of gauging the success of failure of plans.

Urban Development will give all those involved with planning human settlements a more thorough understanding of why and how plans are made, enabling them to make better choices about using and making plans.

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