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Look What You Can Make With Dozens of Household Items!: Over 500 Pictured Crafts and Dozens of More Ideas! edited by Hank Schneider (Boyds Mills Press) Appropriate for use in Grades 4-6, and younger with help.

What’s better than a craft book? How about a binder full of craft books? Look What You Can Make With Dozens of Household Items! is a collection of 8 craft books including easy-to-follow instructions for more than 500 different projects. All the crafts are made from household materials, using simple techniques that work. Clear color photos of the finished products make it even easier to follow the instructions.

Look What You Can Make With Dozens of Household Items! includes crafts using:

  • Boxes – Trains and tractors, baskets and banks, puppets and playthings, games and guitars
  • Paper Bags – Puppets and piñatas, scrapbooks and scarecrows, mobiles and maracas, banners and baskets
  • Tubes – Rockets and robots, flags and forts, clowns and candles, and playmates
  • Paper Plates – Pigs and pugs, spacecraft and spirals, mobiles and marionettes, puzzles and playmates
  • Egg Cartons – Alligators and airplanes, bulletin boards and baskets, castles and caterpillars, masks and magnets
  • Craft Sticks – Bug magnets and picture frames, bracelets and masks, games and holiday ornaments, finger puppets and mobiles
  • Newspapers, Magazines, and Greeting Cards – papier-maché banks and gift boxes, newspaper dolls and puppet pals, custom containers and greeting-card frames, designer envelopes and doorknob decorations
  • Plastic Bottles – Teapot tea-bag holders and berry-basket frames, patchwork purses, hats, bottle banks and bathroom baskets, bookends and baskets.

Especially engaging are the shiny tube robot, the hobby zebra also made out of a tube, sparkling spirals as party decorations made out of paper plates, and the puppet theater and puppets made out of egg cartons. Each book has a labeled tab to make access easy, but finding something you’ve seen before can be tricky, since the book does not have an overall index.

This set of eight books provides a wealth of idea sparkers for many hours of craft-making fun for children of all ages. As a grandma who loves crafts, I know what that means: there’s a lot of fun stuff here to do with my two granddaughters! Look What You Ca݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂ ݂  ݂  ݂  ݂  ݂ ݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂ ݂ !݂!"݂"#݂#$݂$%݂%&݂&'݂'(݂()݂)*݂*+݂+,݂,-݂-.݂./݂/0݂01݂12݂23݂34݂45݂56݂67݂78݂89݂9:݂:;݂;<݂<=݂=>݂>?݂?@݂@A݂AB݂BC݂CD݂DE݂EF݂FG݂GH݂HI݂IJ݂JK݂KL݂LM݂MN݂NO݂OP݂PQ݂QR݂RS݂ST݂TU݂UV݂VW݂WX݂XY݂YZ݂Z[݂[\݂\]݂]^݂^_݂_`݂`a݂ab݂bc݂cd݂de݂ef݂fg݂gh݂hi݂ij݂jk݂kl݂lm݂mn݂no݂op݂pq݂qr݂rs݂st݂tu݂uv݂vw݂wx݂xy݂yz݂z{݂{|݂|}݂}~݂~݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂݂