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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Building Your Own Home, Second Edition
by Dan Ramsey (Alpha Books) With even more instructions and illustrations, this revised and updated edition offers clear and concise guidance on every step of home building, from figuring a budget to finding labor and materials to all aspects of construction. This book answers every question readers have about building their own residence—and a few questions they may not have considered.

*      A step-by-step overview of the construction of an entire home.
*      What to look for when scouting a location for your home—from economic considerations and community services to school ratings and crime statistics.
Questions to ask yourself when designing your home.
Financial advice on finding the right loans for your lot, con­struction, and completed home. Tips from the pros on making your home energy efficient.
How to hire and work with a contractor, subcontractors, and laborers.
Includes information on working with architects and drawing up your own plans
Find the tools to con­struct your home sweet home.
Accurately estimate construction costs.
Understand what codes you need to follow during construction.
Live a day in the life of a contractor—and consider being your own contractor.
Find the lowest prices on building materials.
Install your home's electric, plumbing, heating, cable, and other utilities with confidence.
Finish your interior with drywall and insulation—as well as doors and floors.
Add finishing touches with paint, trim, light­ing, and more.
Don't forget your landscaping, deck, driveway, and other outdoor amenities.
*    Contains a visual dictionary of new construction terms and home components
*    Fully illustrated with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions
*    Sample bid forms, general contractor agreements, and legal advice on building codes and permits

Remodeler's Instant Answers by R. Dodge Woodson (McGraw-Hill) If you're a construction contractor intent on finishing your next remodeling assignment on time and within budget, Remodeler's Instant Answers is the on-the-job resource you need within arm's reach at all times. It's the one book you can count on to solve even the toughest remodeling problem in seconds!

Woodson has done it again! He has created yet another book that is an indispensable tool for anyone working within the remodeling industry. If you are looking for a unique resource that provides easy access to nearly instant facts from a seasoned, hands-on expert, this is it. The graphic design of this book makes finding fast answers to your questions simple. Whether in the office or in the field, you can't beat this detailed guide to countless remodeling situations.

Hundreds upon hundreds of tables and figures give you visual ref­erence to a vast array of remodeling scenarios. There are conversion tables, quick-reference tables, graphics, tip boxes, and hard-hitting facts to make your work go faster, smoother, and more profitably.

Woodson has owned his own business since 1979. In addition to his expertise as a remodeler, he has built as many as 60 homes a year and is licensed as a master plumber and master gasfitter. He has worked in the construction industry for over 25 years.

Woodson has written many best-selling books for McGraw-Hill and has served as adjunct faculty for Central Maine Technical College as an instructor of vocational trades. His reputation in the trade is undisputed.

What will you gain from owning this book? More than you can imagine. Take a few minutes to review the table of contents. Thumb through the pages. Look at how easy it is to find the data you need. Where have you seen so much information offered in such a fast, accessible, easy-to-understand format? There is no other remodeling reference like this one. No remodeling contractor or remodeler should be without this valuable tool.

Through a combination of informative illustrations and to-the-point text, Remodeler's Instant Answers provides quick, timesaving access to solutions for a broad range of commonly encountered remodeling obstacles. In addition, the book also includes:

  • Appropriate references to building codes

  • Conversion tables and reference charts

  • Fast fact notations for rapid troubleshooting

  • A handy Q&A section

  • And much, much more!

No matter if you're a builder, a carpenter, or even a building inspector, Remodeler's Instant Answers is the one book you need to work as efficiently and knowledgeably as possible.


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