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Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals in Cancer Prevention by Ronald R. Watson (Editor) (Iowa State Press, Blackwell) Although about 25% of Americans develop cancer in their lifetime, this rate has been reduced in some populations by lifestyle changes. Increasingly, people are turning to the use of vegetables, medicinal herbs, and plant extracts to prevent or treat cancer. The ready availability of such items as over-the-counter dietary supplements has contributed to an explosion in their use for health enhancement.

The growth of the multi-billion dollar nutraceutical business, touting health claims sometimes based upon limited research data, underscores the need for an up-to-date reference. Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals in Cancer Prevention brings together a group of experts on nutrient supplementation, foods, and plant extracts in cancer prevention and treatment. Their recommendations present the most current knowledge for initiating future research and creating a scientific database for accurate health claims.

Contents include:Part I. Approaches to Cancer Prevention: Role of Nutrition

  • Antioxidants as Cancer Therapies

  • Cancer and Nutrition

  • Vitamin E in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

  • Chemical Versus Food Forms of Selenium in Cancer Prevention

  • Nutrients to Stimulate Cellular Immunity: Role in Cancer Prevention and Therapy

  • Nutrition and Skin Cancer Risk Prevention

  • Nutritional Strategies for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer

Part II. Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs in Cancer Prevention

  • Tomato and Cancer

  • The Role of Dietary Fiber in Colon Cancer Prevention

  • Soy Food and Breast Cancer

  • Preventive and Therapeutic Effects of Dietary Phytochemicals on Cancer Development

  • Phytomedicines and Cancer Prevention

  • Phytoestrogens and Cancer

  • Herbals and Cancer Prevention

  • Cruciferous Vegetables and Cancer Prevention

  • Breast Cancer Prevention

Edited by Ronald Watson, internationally recognized nutritionist and immunologist who has studied the importance of nutrients in anti-cancer immune defense for 20 years,

Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals in Cancer Prevention is a must-have resource for research professionals, both basic and applied, and marketers in the worldwide functional foods/nutritional supplements industry. It is an essential reference for hospital-based dietitians and nutritionists, physicians specializing in oncology, and cancer researchers. Food and Drug officials who determine allowable health claims and academicians in all of these fields need this information.

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