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Nonlinear Programming: Analysis and Methods by Mordecai Avriel (Dover) unabridged republication of the edition published by Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1976. Author's Preface to the Dover Edition. References at chapter ends. Author Index. Subject Index. 58 figures. 7 tables.

Comprehensive and complete, this overview of nonlinear programming provides a single-volume treatment of key algorithms and theories that forms an excellent bridge between principal theories and concepts and their practical implementation. The author, a leading figure in the field of operations research, provides clear discussions of all theoretical aspects, with rigorous proof of most results. 

The two-part treatment begins with the derivation of optimality conditions and discussions of convex programming, duality, generalized convexity, and analysis of selected nonlinear programs. The second part concerns techniques for numerical solutions and unconstrained optimization methods, and it presents commonly used algorithms for constrained nonlinear optimization problems. The text covers many topics unexplored in other volumes of this type, including conjugate function theory, duality in nonlinear programming, a unified approach to variable metric algorithms, and parallel methods of optimization. 

Easy to use, this graduate-level text requires no advanced mathematical background beyond elementary calculus, linear algebra, and real analysis. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in one- and two-semester courses for students of operations research, management science, engineering, business administration, applied mathematics, and computer science.

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