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DOUGAL DIXON’S DINOSAURS by Dougal Dixon ($19.95, School & Library Binding, 160 pages, Reading Level: Ages 9-12, color illustrations throughout, Boyds Mills Press ISBN: 1563977222) HARDCOVER

Popular worldwide in eighteen languages, DOUGAL DIXON’S DINOSAURS has won the praise of critics and young dinosaur scholars alike. Now this landmark book has been updated to bring readers the latest, greatest dinosaur discoveries, including Argentinosaurus the biggest dinosaur known and others. Designed for 4th to 6th grade reading level the books is not just for children as the authoritative knowledge of the author is infectious.

• Explore how dinosaurs evolved
• Discover fourteen of the largest dinosaurs
• Find out about dinosaur biology
• Meet dinosaurs of all sizes some as small as chickens!

Follow the exciting story of the fossil hunters. The dinosaurs were the giants of the Earth. Although they existed for 165 million years, only their fossils remain. But spectacular creatures like Tiiceratops, Giganotosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus continue to inspire our imaginations. Where did the dinosaurs come from? Where did they go?

In this exciting, up-to-the-minute book, dinosaur authority Dougal Dixon offers readers the latest scientific theories about these and other tantalizing dinosaur mysteries. The fact filled text is brought to life with dramatic full color illustrations and photographs that help young readers understand what dinosaurs were like and imagine the kind of world they lived in. Moreover, the author presents an extraordinary range of dinosaurs.

DOUGAL DIXON’S DINOSAURS is a rich resource for dinosaur enthusiasts and has won the seal of approval from The Dinosaur Society.

Dougal Dixon is an internationally recognized authority on dinosaurs, He is one of the most popular science writers in Great Britain and the author of more than twenty books about dinosaurs, a number of them for young readers. His titles include The Age of Dinosaurs, The New Dinosaurs, The Macmillan Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals, and the Hugo Award nominated After Man: A Zoology of the Future, which has sold more than sixty-five thousand copies. Active in film and television, he has served as a special advisor for programs and motion pictures about dinosaurs in the United States, Great Britain, and Japan, Dougal Dixon earned his master of science degree in geology from St. Andrew’s University in Scotland. He lives in England.

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