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The Kingfisher Encyclopedia of the Future by Clive Gifford (Kingfisher) Written for ages 9-12, but fascinating for all Trekkies and other future-gazers, this is a science book with which you can discover tomorrow’s world today.
From robots that think for themselves to vacations in space, The Kingfisher Encyclopedia of the Future takes you on an exhilarating tour of the next fifty years. This illuminating guide explores the science and technology shaping our future, as well as looking back at the inventions that have transformed the modern world.
Included are

  • State-of-the-art computer-generated images
  • Over 300 photographs and illustrations
  • Timelines recording major milestones and predicting future breakthroughs
  • Up-to-the-minute text
  • Resources section including glossary and guide to websites

From virtual reality technology to intelligent homes, and driverless cars to self-repairing materials, The Kingfisher Encyclopedia of the Future is a fascinating guide to the cutting-edge technology shaping our future. The first part of the book explores the origins and evolution of the Information Revolution. It takes a look at how computers, satellites, the internet, and virtual reality will continue to have a profound effect on the way we communicate. The middle section of the book focuses on some of the machines that will help build the 21st century and beyond. These range from molecule-sized robots to huge machines that will transform inhospitable planets into earthlike worlds.

You can also expect to see far­-reaching advances in health and medicine, transportation, and the way we spend our free time. The final section of The Kingfisher Encyclopedia of the Future examines these and other aspects of our everyday lives. This authoritative and stunningly illustrated book is a great introduction for anyone interested in the technological breakthroughs and exciting developments predicted for future generations.

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